Red Leicester

The history of the cheese dates back to the 17th century when farmers recognized the need to make and look their cheeses apart from cheese made in other parts of the country. They decided that the colour of the cheese should denote its richness and creaminess. To set it apart from cheddar and highlight the quality of cheese, Leicester is coloured with a vegetable dye called annatto. The rind is reddish-orange with a powdery mould on it. The colour indicates that the milk used has a high cream content.


Cloth wrapped


Rich full 


Buttery start, with caramel overtones and a nutty finish


Crumbly and a little flakey




The cheese suits a full-bodied white wine such as Muscadet, Sancerre, and/or Chenin Blanc. Try Mrs Bridges Pear Apple Ginger Chutney


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