Our Story

Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts started with a simple idea. There was no big business plan, no long term strategy, not even a computer operated cash when we first opened. There was, however, a feeling that if something was created to celebrate wonderful food, people would want to come.

So, one bright day when a space became available, the decision seemed obvious and two months later, we moved into the neighbourhood. The store was small at the time and we served tea to friends in the back room that is now used to refrigerate and care for our cheeses.

We were so delighted with the welcome we received that we soon knew this was the place we wanted to be. A few months later, serendipity took its course and the adjacent space became available. We jumped on it right away and the store as it stands today began to take shape.

The idea that started it all was really quite simple. We wanted a place where good friends could come to talk about good food and to share ideas. Our family loves to entertain and so we thought – what better way to share our passion than through a store that does just that – entertains?

From technical tips, to table presentations, to the stories of those cherished recipes that never fail to surface at the perfect moment, Jacobsons is a store about great food and great friends; providing everything from table to table d’hote.

The shelves at Jacobsons are not stocked with products you see everywhere. They are stocked with jars and boxes that confirm the passion and care of their small batch producers who would never compromise on quality. This is not simply gourmet food. This is how food was meant to be. Quality ingredients, traditional techniques, tempting flavours created with time and patience.

The world of food and entertaining is a continuing work in progress, offering excitement at every turn. We look forward to sharing this exhilarating world and to sharing our ideas and our stories with you. Most importantly, we look forward to this journey together as new flavours are discovered, new ideas are sparked, and memories from around the table begin to grow.

From our family to yours.