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Pantry Pantry

On the shelves at Jacobsons you will find kitchen essentials and a wide array of gourmet food products not available elsewhere in Ottawa. From Rose Harissa to Argan Oil to tea, coffee, chutneys, marmalade, spices, fleur de sel, Belgian chocolates and more, we look forward to sharing stories and recipes with you about the artisan […]

Take Away Meals Take Away Meals

No time, no time, no time! As much as we all love to cook and spend time in the kitchen, there are days when so many other things demand our attention. While we could go out, there is also something very tempting about being at home, relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. […]

Pastries Pastries

Let us eat cake!…and what better selection is there than cakes, pies, tarts, squares and pastries from Dufflet, the official ‘Queen of Cake’! These are absolute decadence – all natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colouring – just simply ‘pure and sweet’! Buttery treats are available as well gluten free and every month a […]

Bread Bread

Bread is the staff of life! We are delighted to offer our customers an assortment of breads from well known Ottawa artisan bakers Nat’s Bread, True Loaf and The French Baker. On the week-end, treat yourself to fresh croissants or koingnette baked fresh here in Ottawa. Our freezer also offers frozen baguettes, croissants and Danish […]

Charcuterie Charcuterie

Cheese and charcuterie go together like love and marriage and this truly is a love affair at Jacobsons. We are very proud to offer a wide selection of products from well known local producer Seed to Sausage as well as pates from Trois Petits Cochons. Our extensive selection of fruit confit from Belgium is sure […]

Cheese Cheese

Welcome to our world! There is no doubt that our cheese counters takes “pride of place” and all the staff delight in sharing their love of cheese with you and introducing you to the newest variety on shelf. We encourage you to spend a few minutes exploring all we have to offer from a selection […]

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3 June 2014

Beer & Cheese Pairings

Posted in Cheese

Bleu d’Elizabeth – An organic, raw cows milk cheese that usually convinces non-blue cheese types to cross over to the blue side! This delicious blue earned the well deserved 2013 Canadian Grand Prix award for best Blue Cheese! Pair with Kichesippi Heller High Water, done in the style of a pale Bavarian lager with great […]

3 June 2014

Gone Fishin’

Posted in Recipe

…and now it is time to celebrate Dad! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15 and whether Dad’s tastes run to a juicy steak or burger on the BBQ or he prefers to “go fishin”, at Jacobsons we have just what you need to make his day special. Lobsters are “a plenty” this year and grilled […]

3 June 2014

Is Your Dad Sweet & A Little Nutty?

Posted in Cheese

Dad’s all come with their own unique personalities that only you know best! This Father’s Day, find a flavour that’s the perfect fit for your Dad by coming in and taking a tour of our cheese wall. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect cheese for your perfect Papa! Perhaps the Bellavitano with […]


The shelves at Jacobsons are not stocked with products you see everywhere. They are stocked with jars and boxes that confirm the passion and care of their small batch producers who would never compromise on quality. This is not simply gourmet food. This is how food was meant to be. Quality ingredients, traditional techniques, tempting flavours created with time and patience.

The world of food and entertaining is a continuing work in progress, offering excitement at every turn. We look forward to sharing this exhilarating world and to sharing our ideas and our stories with you. Most importantly, we look forward to this journey together as new flavours are discovered, new ideas are sparked, and memories from around the table begin to grow. From our family to yours.

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